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PhD student @uwcse HCI, Accessibility, Visualization, Personalization | SWE @comcast | Founder @evoxlabs | React developer | 🐱 dad | 🍩 eater | 🦅 🔔 #philly ❤
Image portraying various individuals with varying disabilities, including people using a walker, stroller, wheelchair, cane, and service dog. Folks without any equipment are also shown, implying invisible disabilities.

5 people in the image, Bush sitting in the middle and signing the ADA, 2 sitting on a wheelchair, and 2 standing at the back.

Ather holding a microphone on a stage with a big screen and a skeleton behind him.

A greyscale picture of a few old books on a shelf — signifying wisdom.

A pie that says 30 on it, and has candles that also show the number 30.

Ather Sharif

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