PhD student @uwcse HCI, Accessibility, Visualization, Personalization | SWE @comcast | Founder @evoxlabs | React developer | 🐱 dad | 🍩 eater | 🦅 🔔 #philly ❤


  • Lauren Hallden

    Lauren Hallden

    Lead Product Designer at @stitch_data, creator of Online Dating Ipsum, @alonelyproject & @phillydayhiker. Everything else is at

  • Detlev Fischer

    Detlev Fischer

    Focuses on web accessibility testing and test development. Manages the INCOBS project. Member of W3C's WCAG Working Group.

  • Jacob Beltran

    Jacob Beltran


  • Yves Sinkgraven

    Yves Sinkgraven

    Editor @ ITNEXT

  • Snipply


  • Chu Rui Heng

    Chu Rui Heng

    Discovering and exploring my life. I love to share my knowledge and be creative. Improving through writing short and valuable articles.

  • #FlyTechnista™


    Bridging the gap between Women & Girls and access to education, resources, and opportunities in technology — with style! | info:

  • drewfus


    growth engineer at rjmetrics. student at drexel. none of my opinions are my own!

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